best of ja rule mix in 2022 – Ultimate Overview

Ja Rule is back and better than ever in 2022. In this year, he will release a mix tape full of his greatest hits and new tracks. This mix tape will be a must-have for fans of his music.




1. What is Ja Rule’s mix?

Ja Rule’s mix is the compilation of Ja Rule’s greatest hits. It was released in 2001 and features 15 tracks.

2. Who is Ja Rule?

Ja Rule is an American rapper and actor. He is best known for his singles “Hello”, “Heart of the City”, and “Pain Is Love”.

3. What are Ja Rule’s best songs?

Ja Rule’s best songs are “Hello”, “Heart of the City”, and “Pain Is Love”.

4. What is the track list of Ja Rule’s mix?

The track list of Ja Rule’s mix is as follows:

1. “Hello”

2. “Pain Is Love”
3. “Heart of the City”
4. “I’m Real”
5. “Against the World”
6. “I Just Wanna Love You (And Keep You)”
7. “All I Need”
8. “I’ll Be Missing You”
9. “Can You Handle It”
10. “I’ll Be Travlin’”
11. “You’re the One That I Want”
12. “I’ll Be There for You”
13. “Ain’t No Half-Steppin’ (Into Your Love)”
14. “I’ve Been Around”
15. “I’m a G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time)”

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